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Hi! I’m Sonya Williamson the owner of Birth to Cradle. I am a Queer Birth and Post-Partum Doula and Perinatal Educator. I live in Hamilton, Ontario with my spouse Katie and our two dogs and two cats. I focus on providing support, empowerment, and information to nurture families through birth and into the 4th trimester. I have a background in Developmental Services, ASL and Autism specializations. Additionally, I have experience with high needs infants, feeding tubes, etc. I feel confident providing care in many styles, homes and families but have a passion for Attachment and RIE based parenting and holistic methods.

Hamilton, ON  | birthtocradle@gmail.com

Services provided

  • Queer Informed Care
  • Multiple births
  • Preemies
  • Neurological and Developmental differences
  • Holistic birthing methods
  • Chest/Breast Feeding Support
  • Cloth Diapering
  • Baby Wearing
  • Attachment Parenting

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