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Welcome Parents to Diaper Genie®!

The #1 selling Diaper Pail brand focuses on keeping diapers and odors out of sight and out of mind, so you and your baby can always enjoy a fresh nursery.
We believe parents deserve simplicity so they can spend precious time with their little ones. Our pails are made with a double-lock design and include multi-layer refill bags which are the secret to locking-in and preventing odor from escaping. Enjoying parenthood never felt easier with Diaper Genie®.

Diaper Genie® Signature Pail

Freshen up your nursery! The new Diaper Genie® Signature pail keeps diaper odors locked away with odor-locking clamps. It’s hands-free with a foot pedal and wide disposal opening for easy use. Holds up to 47 newborn diapers and includes a long-lasting refill for up to 5 months or 846 newborn diapers. Includes 18 convenient tear-off bags.

Diaper Genie® Complete Pail

Tackle diaper odors with ease! The Complete diaper pail features double Air-Tite® clamps and a carbon filter to lock in odors. Holds up to 36 newborn diaper and includes a refill for up to 270 diapers. Made with durable antimicrobial film for odor control. Convenient foot pedal and no-bending design. Includes 1 scented refill and 1 carbon filter.

Diaper Genie® Expressions Pail

Compact and convenient, the Expressions diaper pail offers one-handed operation with a push button lid. Its secure odor lock system and Push-n-Lock clamp keep odors contained. Holds up to 50 newborn diapers with a starter refill for 100 diapers. Durable antimicrobial film for odor control. Perfect for small spaces. Includes 1 scented starter refill.

Diaper Genie® Easy Roll Refill

Our innovative, long-lasting refill! The Easy Refill holds up to 846 newborn-sized diapers or lasts up to 5 months. With a durable antimicrobial film, it provides germ protection and inhibits bacterial growth. Featuring Max Odor Lock technology, it keeps your nursery fresh by trapping odors. Compatible with Signature Pail. Available in 18 or 30 bags.

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Very good diaper pail. It does the job!! Keeps the odor out.
Ericka V.
Amazon Customer
Actually it’s pretty good. We are very satisfied this purchase. We had a another diaper genie before and looks taller than this one but cannot complain because this one carries much more diapers compared with the old model. The lid is very close too and no more smell like usual. Highly recommend for anyone who needs the diaper genie.
Verena R.
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