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Philips Avent is a brand that specializes in manufacturing high-quality baby and childcare products. Their product line includes baby bottles, breast pumps, pacifiers, and baby monitors, among others. Philips Avent is known for their innovative designs and commitment to safety and health standards, as well as providing educational resources to support parents in their parenting journey.

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Double Electric Breast Pump

Electric Steam Sterilizer

Green Soothers

Baby Bathtime & Skincare

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As a mom of four I have tried many bottles over the years… these are by far my favourite and my babies! He actually refuses to drink from the other brands I have purchased which sucks because I was falling into the “anti colic” false advertising money trap and spent a small fortune on bottles that both he and I despise before trying these ones… there’s only 3 pieces to a bottle which makes assembly time quicker, cleaning and boiling easier and over all just a better feed!!! I strongly recommend trying these!


Brooke B.
My last pump hurt SO bad, even a shirt touching me hurt because of it. This one is so comfortable, it fixed my ‘pain issue’ and has lots of power and 16 levels of suction – and it remembers your last level selection!! Its wonderfully portable so I didn’t have to be plugged into the wall and stuck if the baby cries, it’s easy to clean – not too many parts and it’s a closed system so the tubes don’t ever need washing, the pause function is fantastic, the timer is a nice addition – I had to time my old one on my phone and would forget to start the timer half the time.. Its a real lifesaver and worth every penny.


Annie P.
Super fast and easy to use! Works great for my baby’s soothers, bottles, and pump parts.


Brei S.
It really comforted the baby during teething


Amazon Customer
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Feeding & Teething Category

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