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Our toys feature a few key elements, including high-contrast patterns, bold colors, and unique materials, which are all designed to stimulate baby’s senses, as well as teach them about their world. Sassy focuses on development for your baby, so they can focus on fun!

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I have never seen a camping themed baby item and was so excited to find this one. We are the outdoorsy family, we love traveling and camping and being outdoors so this baby gym was made for us. It is so cool that you can use it as a the activity pad or you can actually make it into a little baby tent. My little girls loves it so much and her big sister loves playing with it along with her. Fun animals included with bright colors as well. This keeps her entertained for a good amount of time!


Purchased these for my 6 month old and he loved them! Great addition to our bath time routine.


D. Cleaver
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Feeding & Teething Category

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